More than 50 unique neighborhoods converge in a 78-square mile area in the San Francisco Bay area in the city of Oakland. Oakland is the county seat of Alameda County as well as the county’s largest city, housing a population of 413,775. The community is comprised of a plethora of restaurants, boutiques, shops, spas, golf courses, art galleries, museums, arcades, theaters, and more. Plus, with its proximity to other heavily populated cities, residents of Oakland, California have access to unlimited options for recreation and entertainment.

Oakland, California, a major port city on the west coast, holds the title as the busiest port in the bay. But that’s not all that Oakland is known for; it has the Chabot Space and Science Center, the Oakland Aviation Museum, the Oakland Zoo, professional sports, bustling nightlife, and more.

There are approximately 12 zip codes enveloped in Oakland, California. Within those twelve zip codes, residents earn an average annual household income of about $58,807, a tad below the state’s average of $64,500. On the contrary, homes in the Oakland area hold average values of around $557,000 in contract to the state’s average home values of $449,100. There are a wide variety of housing options from apartments and condos to single family detached homes. Some neighborhoods and houses have earned their place in the foundation of the city’s history while others feature new construction.

Students living in Oakland, California attend schools governed by Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). There are more than a hundred public schools in Oakland, but there are also some private schools from which to choose. There are also several college campuses and universities within Oakland’s city limits.

Approximately 24 inches of rain fall on Oakland, California, which it does over the span of 45 days annually with measurable precipitation. Sun shines 261 days of the year in Oakland, spawning summer high temperatures of a comfortable 73 degrees, and winter lows thirty degrees cooler but well above freezing at 43 degrees.

There’s no problem getting around using public transportation or international travel when you live in Oakland, California. Local bus service comes from Alameda and Contra Costa Transit District, AC Transit whereas the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) services the metro area. Travel by air is accomplished via the Oakland International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, and San Jose International Airport.

Oakland, California is a modern community with roots in history, but an eye on the future. The community is rich in resources for daily living as well as recreation, entertainment, education, and employment. Members of the community also celebrate First Fridays, a celebration of artwork in the streets sponsored by the area galleries. Residents literally emerge from downtown and uptown to converge where they can dance in the streets.

Oakland, California isn’t one of those quaint little towns where the streets roll up at sunset. When you’re in Oakland, you can always find somewhere to grab a bite to eat, pick up a treat, learn something new, explore something fun, and enjoy living life to the fullest.

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