Some small towns seem to have sprouted naturally, easily, and with a relaxed area vibe. Other towns appear to have a more specific goal, a personality, an area vibe that is the result of intentional design, planned community growth, and a desire to attract a highly educated workforce by providing a highly active town chock full of abundant recreational opportunities. Livermore, California is one of the towns with a purposeful platform: to attract highly educated individuals to support a work force that is deeply rooted in science and technology.

Livermore, California encompasses two of the country’s most significant laboratories for science and technology: The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Sandia national Laboratories. The two labs contribute not only to the community’s workforce and economic well-being, but also to the population in regard to health and medicine, and to the government in regard to national security.

The labs both actively recruit globally for highly intelligent, well-educated professionals in the science and technology industry to power the labs. To attract such a residence base, business leaders, government leaders, and locals contributed to the establishment of a town that has pretty much everything a person could imagine for high-quality living. And, just to sweeten the pot, the entire community is situated in the Historic Livermore Wine District.

There are approximately 86,870 residents hunkering down in the 94550 zip code. Residents enjoy average annual household incomes of $110,212, far above the state’s average annual household income of around $64,500. Home values in the area are around $654,000 as opposed to the state’s average home value of $449,100.

Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District takes on the task of educating the areas students who attend public schools. To see to the task, the LVJUSD oversees eleven elementary schools, three middle schools, two comprehensive high schools, and three alternative high schools. Alternatively, there are three private schools throughout the area. Furthermore, Livermore, California is home to Las Positas College as well as the University of Phoenix for extended education opportunities right in your own neighborhood.

The jewel of Livermore’s crown is its recently revitalized downtown area, which is now a thriving hub where community members gather to eat, drink, socialize, and enjoy ample recreation such as shopping specialty shops, boutiques, and more. Speaking of shopping, the Livermore Premium Outlets is a shopper’s paradise of upscale retail shopping.

In addition to the restaurants, shops, Livermore boasts a movie theater, performing arts center, wineries to tour, golf courses, and more.

Livermore receives approximately 17 inches of rain per year, but no snow. There are 37 days of the year where precipitation is measurable, but there are another 257 days where the sun’s golden rays wash over Livermore’s vineyards and residential neighborhoods.

Livermore is proud of its balanced budget, its strong economy, stable work force, and abundant opportunities for recreation. The town is experiencing intentional and intelligent growth with more than 10,000 technicians, scientists, and engineers settling in at home because of the lucrative work opportunities.

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