On the eastern shores of San Francisco Bay, there’s a 17.7 square mile area in Alameda County known as Berkeley, California. Of Berkeley’s 17.7 square miles, 10.5 square miles are land, and the other 7.2 square miles are water, creating an environment that’s rich in resources, natural beauty, and recreation.

The picturesque college-infused affluent community of Berkeley, California is shaded by a thick canopy of mature trees that weave themselves throughout every nook and cranny of the neighborhoods. Nested among the trees is a populated of 118,853 residents who have established an urban lifestyle with convenient access to a variety of modern amenities and creature comforts. Residents living in Berkeley earn annual average household incomes of around $73,462, which is considerably higher than the state’s $64,500 average annual household income. Houses in the areas hold values of around $888,300, while the state’s average home value hovers around $449,100.

Because the University of California System’s oldest campus is housed there, also, Berkeley is also rich in educational opportunities. In addition to Berkeley University, the area is also home to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Younger students in the area attend schools governed by the Berkeley Unified School District. There are a total of 19 public schools within the boundaries of Berkeley, California, but there are also a number of private schools from which to choose.

Getting around Berkeley is simple since the area is a mass transit hub with service from AC Transit, Amtrak, BART, and privately-owned company shuttles that include UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. But, residents of Berkeley are no stranger to the ankle express, either, or to pedaling their way to success. Berkeley is recognized as being one of the highest rated areas for bicycle and walking commutes.

The weather in Berkeley makes it easy to take advantage of the area’s walkability and bike travel. The area receives approximately 25 inches of rain that stretches itself across 46 days each year where precipitation is measurable. There is no snow in Berkeley to speak of. Summer high temperatures are around 73 degrees, and winter lows refuse to even nod toward freezing at a comfortable 43 degrees.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park is a staple in the community, a landmark in the historic district, and the site of Sunday morning farmer’s markets, community events, large gatherings, festivals, and more.

Another focal point in the community is the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Featuring art exhibitions, film programs, performances, lectures, and more, UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive is the university’s visual arts center.

Berkeley is an eclectic urban community situated in a beautiful landscape painted by trees and the sparkling reflections of pristine waters. The diverse population celebrates active lifestyles steeped in history, art, culture, and fun.

Berkeley is chock full of business and educational opportunities, but that’s not to say it takes itself too seriously. There are a ton of fun things to do around the area that include art galleries, museums, restaurants, shops, spas, and an exciting nightlife.

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